About Backrooms

Have you ever questioned what exists outside the confines of reality? What if there existed a secret realm with limitless hallways and chambers, where the only sounds were the hum of fluorescent lights, the craziness of mono-yellow, and the smell of old carpets? What if you were to unintentionally cross the threshold of reality and end up imprisoned in this liminal nightmare with no way out?

Backrooms is a video game based on the well-known creepypasta and meme of the same name. A mysterious and hazardous location that defies logic and physics, the Backrooms is the setting for the horror game Backrooms, which tests the player's ability to explore and survive its limitless and randomly produced levels. The game includes several game modes, including a free version where the player can explore the first level of the Backrooms at their leisure, a full version where they can access additional levels and encounter new creatures, and a co-op mode where they can work together with up to three friends to escape the Backrooms.

How to Play Backrooms
How do you play this game, though? Here are some fundamental guidelines and advice to help you go through and enjoy this game:

• Every 30 seconds, check your watch. This is essential if you want to keep your mind clear and stay out of the Backrooms. Your watch will also show you your current level and your progress towards finding an exit.

• Don't look at it. It is a mysterious being that roams the Backrooms and will hunt you down if it senses you. It might not appear on every playthrough, but if it does, avoid looking at it to prevent your sanity from ebbing away too quickly. If you hear its footsteps or breathing, flee or hide.

• Collect materials. You will need to find items such as batteries, flashlights, food, water, and medicine to help you survive. Some items are hidden in drawers, cabinets, or lockers, while others are scattered around the rooms. Avoid wasting energy or carrying too much weight.

• Fight or flee. Depending on your game mode, you may encounter other entities besides It. Some are harmless, some are hostile, and some are unpredictable. You can use weapons such as knives, guns, or crowbars to defend yourself, but be aware that some entities are immune to certain types of damage. You can also use stealth or distraction to avoid confrontation.

• Solve puzzles. Some levels require you to solve puzzles or find clues to progress or unlock new areas. These puzzles can range from simple codes or switches to complex non-Euclidean mazes or riddles. Pay attention to your surroundings and use your logic and intuition to solve them.

• Find an exit. Your ultimate goal is to find an exit from the Backrooms and return to reality. However, this is easier said than done. Some exits are hidden or locked behind puzzles or enemies. Some exits lead to other levels or even worse places. Some exits are fake or traps. And some exits may not exist at all.

Backrooms is a game for fans of horror, exploration, and puzzles. The game is currently in development by Violet Angel Interactive, and is planned to be released on Steam. The game will have regular updates and expansions based on the feedback of the players and the community. If you are interested in this game, you can add it to your wishlist and follow its development on Steam. You can also try out the free edition of the game on Steam or play other similar games such as Escape the Backrooms. But be warned: once you enter the Backrooms, there may be no way out.